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"Uptime Institute Intelligence continues to be instrumental in enabling us to highlight the business benefits and applications for the data center of tomorrow. Uptime Institute Intelligence provides us with a complete strategic viewpoint for DCIM ranging from infrastructure to the application layer, which has helped to define our roadmap for the automated data center and its myriad of applications."

Jérôme TOTEL
Vice President Sales Engineering & Product Development, Data4 Group

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is an essential component of modern data center operations.

Uptime Institute will help you navigate the selection and implementation of your chosen DCIM software. Our experts will help your team understand the various vendor offerings and select and deploy your program, all while remaining in budget.

Overview of DCIM & DCIM Software

DCIM refers to tools that measure, manage and monitor the use of energy and data in IT equipment and facility infrastructure.

DCIM software allows data center operators to increase their efficiency while improving planning and design. It brings data center operations, facilities and IT together, resulting in comprehensive resource management that can accomplish these goals.

Common features in DCIM software include:

  • Power and data circuit management to track physical connectivity, search for port capacity and validate connectivity
  • Live data connection and monitoring based on thresholds
  • Workflow management through process and relationship mapping

Though the value of DCIM software was initially questioned in the industry, it's now considered a vital staple in many data center management plans. Data centers benefit from utilizing DCIM software because it can help:

  • Manage the logical, physical and virtual data center assets
  • Plan and provision new equipment
  • Make necessary changes in the data center
  • Improve the design of the data center
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Allow planning for future facility growth
  • Maximize the use of existing components

The Challenges of DCIM Selection

Despite the range of benefits a DCIM solution can provide, many data center executives struggle to find the best program for their needs. There are many vendors in the market, each offering a unique DCIM solution, so it can be challenging to determine which vendor and solution to implement in a data center.

According to Uptime Institute’s survey data, the majority of potential DCIM buyers spend more than six months evaluating potential suppliers and an additional six to 12 months deploying the chosen solution. This lengthy timetable results in significant staff costs and unnecessary delays, especially if an organization’s business requirements demand an immediate DCIM solution. Our survey also found that only 17% of enterprise data centers expect to see a short-term return on investment (ROI) for their DCIM solution, and 49% of respondents cannot justify an ROI at all.

How a DCIM Consultation Can Help

DCIM consulting services at Uptime Institute seek to provide clarity in the confusion of overwhelming options. These services help data center executives understand the vendor landscape, deploy on a timely schedule and avoid overspending. Uptime Institute provides independent, vendor-neutral support in establishing requirements, vendor evaluation and justification for DCIM investments. Uptime Institute is uniquely positioned to provide support to data center executives who are navigating this significant investment.

Our DCIM consulting engagements are delivered in three phases:

  1. Defining requirements and planning
  2. Vendor selection and request for proposal (RFP)
  3. Post-implementation assessment & DCIM operations session

Defining Requirements and Planning

Uptime Institute leads workshops with DCIM stakeholders to determine organizational objectives, help codify the decision-making process and define the workflow on the DCIM investment. We will gather all of your existing assets — including monitoring tools, asset tracking and management dashboards — and identify the gaps between your facility's current capabilities and your organizational objectives. Our team will also generate a summary of findings and preliminary justification for a DCIM solution with a table of requirements that we can use in the RFP process.

DCIM Vendor Selection Phase

Based on our research, we'll submit a short list of vendors that can fulfill the DCIM solution requirements and provide you with appropriate service levels. This short list is based on our unique, owner/operator-focused analysis of DCIM providers, characteristics and benefits. We will participate in teleconferences with potential suppliers and evaluate RFP responses against your requirements. Uptime Institute will not broker or engage directly with vendors — we are an extension of the owner’s team rather than an intermediary.

Post-Implementation Assessment & DCIM Operations Session

Uptime Institute performs a two-day site visit to assess the implementation and operational effectiveness of the DCIM tool. The purpose of the visit is to ensure that the DCIM deployment meets the requirements established in phase one and provide guidance for additional optimization.

Ask the Experts About DCIM Selection Consulting Today

Uptime Institute is a thought leader in DCIM selection consulting. We help data center executives and IT specialists understand their options and determine the best fit based on their business strategies and goals. You can trust our experts to provide complete guidance through every phase of the process and offer post-implementation support.

Learn more about our professional services or get in touch with your data center infrastructure management consultant by contacting us today.

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