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Sustainability Assessment

Uptime Institute's Sustainability Assessment helps organizations identify, document, track and report on sustainability programs across their complete IT estate – including enterprise-operated data centers, colocation providers, cloud and hyperscaler partners, and managed service providers.

The Assessment provides organizations a vendor-neutral approach to consistently assess the end-to-end sustainability of their digital infrastructure across geographies, deployment types, and architectures using criteria that do not reduce reliability or resiliency.

The Assessment is based on over two decades of experience in designing digital infrastructure sustainability programs and putting those programs into practice.

Sustainability Assessment customers learn which sustainability initiatives can help reduce operating expenses, how to reduce the environmental impact of their data centers and demonstrate their sustainability achievements to internal and external stakeholders with an Uptime Institute Sustainability Assessment award.

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Informed by Industry, Designed by Experts

While there are many existing standards that include elements of data center sustainability, most are narrowly focused assessments addressing only new construction, or only energy usage. Many other standards lack a deep understanding of critical infrastructure, resulting in recommendations that may compromise reliability or resiliency. Finally, there are a number of assessments offered by vendors and service providers, resulting in recommendations that are skewed to specific products or solutions to solve sustainability challenges.

To develop our Sustainability Assessment, Uptime partnered with over two dozen world-class enterprises and service providers representing hundreds of data centers and over three gigawatts of installed and operating data center capacity in 38 countries. We analyzed over 150 current and proposed standards, regulations and laws from around the world.

This development process ensured that our Sustainability Assessment is globally applicable, and industry accepted as it takes into account local and regional requirements, low carbon, and green resource availability as well as climatic conditions.

Source: Webinar - Digital Infrastructure Sustainability: Navigating Regulations and Standards

Source: Webinar - Digital Infrastructure Sustainability: Navigating Regulations and Standards

Components of the Sustainability Assessment

Uptime Institute's Sustainability Assessment covers all aspects of data center sustainability, including energy and water usage, emissions, and waste.

The 14 key categories of the Assessment are outlined below, and include over 50 subcategories spanning disciplines such as IT Operations and Management, Facility Operations & Management, and Cross-Functional areas.

This granularity provides organizations with specificity to understand where they excel and which areas need improvement.
IT Operations and Management
IT Efficiency
IT Space
Circular Economy
Facility Operations & Management
Facility Energy Management
Water Management
Back Up Generation
Cross-Functional Areas
Energy Management
Climate Risk
GHG Emissions
Cloud and Colo Services
Consumed CFE

Timeline, Deliverables and Outcomes

The Sustainability Assessment is executed at the facility level, but most effective when delivered across a portfolio of sites. Portfolio-wide Assessments allow sites to be benchmarked against each other.

The assessment starts with a scoping and orientation call with your team, and progresses to a multi-day site visit where Uptime staff evaluate equipment, processes and procedures, documentation and data as key elements of the assessment.

The final report is delivered to the client and includes:

  • Executive Summary of Assessment findings
  • Prioritized list of recommendations to improve performance
  • Results matrix featuring scores across the 14 key categories and over 50 subcategories
  • Benchmarking data to compare the findings across your IT estate
  • Evaluation of each facility against emerging data center specific reporting and assessment criteria
  • Inventory of all sustainability metrics captured during the assessment

Customers who receive a passing score on the Sustainability Assessment will be issued an Uptime Institute Sustainability Assessment award which can be displayed at the facility, on your corporate website, in your corporate literature and on the Uptime Institute public awards site to demonstrate your digital infrastructure sustainability achievements.

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